Some tips and advice on looking after your artificial grass. People chose to install an artificial lawn as a low maintenance option for their garden. As with anything however it does require a little looking after.


Remove any leaves or debris that have fallen on your lawn. You can use a leaf blower for this task.

It is advised to lightly brush your grass once a month to prevent any matting and to keep the fibres upright. You can buy a special artificial rake for this or a use a broom.


If you have a spill on your grass dab at the area until it has dried but do not rub the spill. Then add some water to the area.

For stubborn stains you can mix washing up liquid and water together to clean the stain with a cloth or sponge. Then rinse off with some water.

Weed Killer

Weeds can grow up through your artificial grass as artificial grass can be susceptible to airborne seeds. Pull the weeds out when they appear and apply a weed killer twice a year but make sure to use a water-based solution.

Hot Objects

Avoid putting hot objects directly on your grass as they could cause damage to your grass. Try to avoid placing any items that generate heat on your lawn. Place your bbq on your patio!

Avoid placing mirrors or reflective surfaces anywhere that could potentially reflect sunlight onto your lawn as this could cause a burn to the grass.

Pet Waste

Clean up as soon as you can to avoid pet urine odours. Then clean using hot soapy water if required. You can get artificial grass cleaners to help keep your lawn staying fresh. Never use hard chemicals or strong detergents on your grass. You can also use baking soda then add a diluted solution of vinegar and water to get rid of any odours.