Here are our winter care tips for your lawn so that it will be looking its best when spring arrives.

Avoid Walking On The Grass

A big one is to avoid walking on the grass if you can. If the grass is wet and waterlogged walking on it could cause compaction. Your lawn needs a good distribution of air pockets to thrive so you want to avoid compacting the grass which stops the grass from growing.

If you get to spring and find that there are puddles on the lawn then use a garden fork to aerate the grass.

If there is frost on the grass avoid walking on it as you will break the grass and leave brown patches.

Once the spring does arrives if you have been left with patchy or brown areas on your lawn you can rectify this by applying a grass seed or patching in turfs to the damaged area.

Get The Leaves Off The Lawn

Rake or use a blower to remove any fallen leaves from your lawn as they can block the light to the grass and prevent moisture getting through which can lead to bare patches appearing. Leaves can also encourage disease to the grass. Not only leaves but try to keep the grass area clear if you can over the winter by removing any furniture or toys that are laying around.

Remove Any Moss

If you see moss on your grass, when the conditions are favourable, gently use a rake to drag it off. Once raked use a fork to make lots of holes into your grass and then brush in some compost or horticultural sand to improve drainage on your lawn.

Stop Mowing

It is best to avoid mowing in the winter to avoid any damage to your lawn. Only mow if the conditions are favourable and it is necessary and ensure that the cut is around 25% higher than during the summer.

With any temperatures below minus 5 degrees your lawn should stop growing and will not need mowing.

Fertilise in Spring

Wait until the spring to add a treatment to your lawn. Spring and Autumn are the best seasons for treating your grass.

These winter care tips for your lawn will help you to take good care of your lawn. Spring will stimulate new growth and your lawn will start to recover from the winter.